YouTube Content ID Copyright Infringement Challenge From WMG

Here comes a copyright infringement challenge notice from claimant WMG to my music, “Just The Way You Are“.

I know that my music is completely original, so my guts tell me that nobody is in trouble, but claimant WMG still thinks I am using their music.

The song they said they have copyright to is called “The Others – Freakshow”.

Sounds nothing like my beat. Are you guys okay?

I have all the MIDI tracks laid out on my Ableton Live project file to prove that they are all original.

MIDI tracks point to Propellerhead Reason sound modules and Korg Gadget sound modules, which are also softwares I’ve purchased legally, and I have legal right to use these sound modules.

That being said, they still sent this infringement notice.

I am not even sure why they think my music is their music, but hey, whatever.

I’ve submitted a dispute saying “I am the owner of this music, and I am distributing this music via Routenote. UPC5057917096294”

Now, I am awaiting for their reply. I wonder what they will say.

People who are already using my beat, “Just the way you are”, on their projects, please don’t worry.

I ensure that my beat is original, regardless of what WMG says to me.

Will update you when I get an update.